Cross Examined | Humblodoxy

Pastor Miles DeBenedictis

Revelation 1:12-20

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  1. Allen Pitman
    Allen Pitman says:

    Great preaching Pastor. Thanks for bringing some sanity back to the table. I know that there are many who will probably take issue with you, because of the abundance of erroneous [eschatological] teachings which have permeated the pulpits of this church since its beginning. I myself once believed and taught many of the ridiculous ideas which you addressed . I love my brothers and sisters here ,and I hope that you will continue to correct these teachings ,as you continue this series. I hope that you will also address the” hebrew roots movement” which is rapidly infiltrating our church, even as it did in the Galatian church, and was dealt with so eloquently by Paul. I will pray for you, and I look forward to hearing the rest of the messages in the future. God Bless


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